My "big fundamental" is that being _left_ means working for a more egalitarian, democratic society, but also for fairness, not ethnic or other kinds of favoritism. Because the left has turned away from fairness it is lost and unpopular. I'm a small voice hoping to push the left back toward its basics and its natural popularity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Howard Dean, You Need Cindy Sheehan

Any Democrat who wants to be President needs to get their a-s-s down to Crawford and make solidarity with Cindy Sheehan. At this point, _she's_ the number one candidate for 2008. Boneheads Clinton/Biden/Kerry should fire all their DLC loser advisers, and propose an Iraq solution other than more troops and staying the course. But those DLC-bots are hopeless, probably. I'm most disappointed with Howard Dean, who is politically astute; there's only one place where he needs to be right now.

Sheehan's simple protest, and the public support she is receiving, is a huge public relations disaster for the Bush regime. Just last night some Bushista drove his truck over many of the 300 crosses set up to memorialize Texans killed in Iraq. The picture above shows Cindy supporters repairing the damage.

It would be remarkable, except they already screwed up in 2002 and 2004, if the Democrats go into a third election season as supporters of getting Americans killed in unprovoked invasions of countries that are not a threat to us. This time, Dean, as head of the Democratic National Committee, will get the blame for the 2006 missed opportunity. Get smart Howard, get with Cindy.


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